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Frequently Asked Questions

Modular Kitchens are made up of standard sizes of stand alone boxes complete with carcass, shutters, baskets and handles, etc. and can be selected as per requirement and space available. One can also add on later as per needs in future.
Acrylic is a reflective finish that gives a perfectly smooth texture and a high-gloss appearance to kitchen cabinets. This high quality synthetic material comes with a perfect mirror-like finish that's shatter-resistant, and also does not chip or crack easily
It is totally inert to water, moisture, so it is waterproof Proof.
All the items are built to last. Most of the structural items are ageless.
Since it is assembled with standard modules, you can easily shift it to any new place..
Yes, our modular kitchens are designed to be waterproof. We use high-quality materials and implement waterproofing measures to ensure that our kitchens are resistant to water damage. From moisture-resistant laminates to proper sealing of edges and joints, we take every step to protect your kitchen from water-related issues.
We prioritize termite prevention in our modular kitchens. We use termite-resistant materials such as treated engineered wood or certain types of hardwood. Additionally, we pre-treat the wood with termite-resistant chemicals or preservatives to provide an extra layer of protection. Regular inspections and maintenance practices are also employed to ensure a termite-free environment.

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